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Looking for a new way to customize your home? Canada Windows & Doors designs and builds custom doors for Whitby and the surrounding area. We offer products in a wide range of sizes and styles, including entry, garden and patio sliding doors featuring sturdy steel or gorgeous decorative glass.

Sliding glass doors are a beautiful and convenient addition to any home. They allow more sunlight to enter a room and they make entering and exiting your home easier during parties and get-togethers. If you’re in need of sliding door installation in Whitby or the surrounding areas, be sure to call on Canada Windows & Doors.

Variety of Sliding Doors to Choose From

To ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for, we offer a variety of sliding doors to choose from. Whether you seek to add chic and trendy elements to your home or elegant and extravagant, we have what you’re looking for. Whether for an interior room or leading to the outdoors, you can find sliding doors to meet your needs at Canada Windows & Doors. Sliding doors are available in several options, including: 

  • Pocket doors – Composed of a single panel without hinges, a pocket door uses a space in the wall to disappear when opened. Ideal for small spaces, pocket doors are the most narrow sliding door option. 

  • Patio doors – Made with 2 panels, 1 of which is fixed in place, patio doors are usually rectangular and made of glass. They use more space than pocket doors, making them ideal for patios and partitions between rooms. 

  • Bypass doors – With 4 panels total, the exterior two fixed in place, bypass doors use tracks above and below the door frame to open and close. The largest of the sliding door options, it’s a great option as a partition or wardrobe door. 

Signs That Your Sliding Door May Need to Be Replaced

When sliding glass doors aren’t replaced in time, they can become inefficient in terms of saving energy. To mitigate this problem, you’ll want to be sure you replace your sliding doors as needed. The following signs indicate that you need sliding door installation in Whitby. 

  • Gaps – If there are gaps when you close your sliding door, it’s time for a new installation. Gaps in your doorway can be caused by a damaged frame, and they lead to higher heating and cooling bills. 

  • Drafts – Hot or cold, when you stand by your sliding door you shouldn’t feel a temperature change indoors. If you do feel a draft, it’s time for a new sliding door installation to help increase your home’s energy efficiency. 

  • Sliding Issues – When your sliding door is difficult to open or close, it’s time to get a new door installed. Not only is tugging on the door annoying, it can be hazardous in emergencies. This can be caused by misaligned tracks and inefficient rollers that get worse with time.

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Your home's exterior doors do way more than provide privacy and security for you and your family. A new door enhances your property's curb appeal, accents your home's style and can even save you money on heating and cooling costs! When you visit a Canada Windows & Doors dealer, one of our friendly team members will walk you through the process of choosing the right product for your home and your budget. To help make the decision easier, we invite you to read more about:

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